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Date of publishing:July 29, 2010
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ICHTH membership criteria:

  • Members have a PhD in history or demonstrated equivalent; and

  • Members have other proven qualities or achievements in the ICHTH focus areas (history of historiography and theory of historiography); and

  • Members respect the Constitution; and

  • Members pay the annual fee.

ICHTH membership procedure for candidates:

  • Step 1: Read the ICHTH membership criteria above.

  • Step 2a: Candidates can apply for membership: fill out form here.

  • Step 2b: Candidates can be nominated by ICHTH members: fill out form here.

  • Step 3: At regular intervals, the Board approves and invites candidates for membership.

  • Step 4: Invited candidates become members after payment of the annual fee.

ICHTH membership fee:

  • The annual ICHTH membership fee is currently 25 euros / 35 US dollars a year.

  • Tenured staff and full professors are kindly requested to consider donating 50 euros a year. Such generosity makes it possible to support those less fortunate.

ICHTH membership journal subscription discounts:

  • Subscription discount (20%) for the ICHTH-affiliated journal Storia della Storiografia: here.
  • Subscription discount (35%) for the Journal of the Philosophy of History: here.
  • Subscription discount (17%) for the Journal of the History of Ideas: here.
  • Subscription discount (77%) for the journal Rethinking History: here.

ICHTH membership rights:

  • To participate in and contribute to the activities and work of ICHTH; and

  • To participate in General Assembly meetings; and

  • To make inquiries to the Board about the activities and finances of the ICHTH; and

  • To vote in elections and decisions of the General Assembly; and

  • To run for elected positions in the ICHTH; and

  • To listen online to Board meetings (except confidential agenda points); and

  • To be informed about ICHTH activities through email and a Newsletter; and

  • To propose panels for the next International Congress of Historical Sciences in 2026; and

  • To nominate candidate ICHTH members; and

  • To receive subscription discounts for selected journals in the ICHTH focus areas: see above.

  • To receive such other benefits as the Board or General Assembly may decide.